"Property Concierge Queensland I wish to thank you for the way you attended and organised the property of my late sister upon her demise.  The team were very proficient and I have no hesitation in recommending the business to others who may need assistance.  It has been a pleasure working with this company.  Nothing is too much trouble and the end result we received was very satisfying"

Julie (Sydney) - Property in Cannon Hill

"I wholeheartedly recomm"My parents had built their own home and filled it with their worldly possessions and ornaments for 60+ years.  The home had sat vacant for a couple of years while the family reconciled their emotions to prepare it for sale.  Property Concierge staff were supremely respectful of the home, they emptied it by supporting charities or recycling to the extent possible.  In the process they found my Mum's engagement ring that had been lost for years and returned it to my door.  They also found some asbestos sheeting in the garden and with my instruction, they sub-contracted testing and removal - safe, cost-effective and trouble-free for me.  The home was cleaned and prepared for sale. The while process was fast, efficient and cost-effective, removing the emotional and physical burden from my family. I would highly recommend Property Concierge and will use them again"

Lee (Chapel Hill) - Property in Salisbury

"Jude and her team at Property Concierge Queensland were a god-send and helped make a potentially stressful situation into a straight forward exercise with our house which sold a lot more than expected, due to the full clearance of the property and renovations.  Their attention to detail was second to none and nothing was too much trouble.  We would definitely recommend this company to our friends and use them again in a similar situation."  

Samantha - Seventeen Mile Rocks

"Thank you to Jude and her team ... the passing of my father was unexpected, the thought of having to clean up his home was so overwhelming, especially with him residing interstate.  I could not have done it without the services of Property Concierge.  I went up for the day to see how long it would take to clear and clean it and I was overwhelmed with the mess, hence I needed the services of a professional.  Jude and her team were absolutely AMAZING, the quick responses, professionalism and constant contact exceeded my expectations.  Jude sent photos of items (that I had forgotten dad had) and offered to post these down to me.  Jude also provided me with details also how my fathers items have helped the community by donating his furniture to four families in need.  What an amazing service, cleaning my fathers house ready for sale, and providing a service to the community.  I highly recommend Property Concierge for their services ... thank you once again.  
Emili (Perth) - Property in Maroochydore

We recently put our 3 bedroom unit on the market.  The unit had been rented out to students for the past 5 years and was in a filthy state.  We needed to clear out old furniture and accumulated junk and also do some repairs to get the unit ready for sale.  Having limited time to do this we decided to do an internet search to see if we could find somebody to get the job done.  We came across Property Concierge and gave them a call.  Within hours Jude were round at the property to see what needed to be done.  She asked us about how we wanted the old furniture to be disposed of.  Rather than take it to the tip they donate furniture to charities and one charity was supporting those residents who have lost all belongings through water damage or storms.  

Having cleared out the unit of furniture and junk their cleaners moved in and transformed the grimy unit into a sparkling show home.  Jude also arranged for a plumber to fix the toilet seats and an electrician to fix some light fittings.  Within three days the job was completed with amazing efficiency.  It has been an absolute pleasure xdealigh with Jude and her staff from Property Concierge and I would not hesitate to recommend them."
Jubilee Terrace, Bardon
July 2016

"When mum's health become too frail for her to stay at home and I had to take over her affairs I became overwhelmed by the task I had to face in clearing and cleaning up her house ... She, together with our members of the family had collected more than 50 years worth of possessions which had to be sorted.  It was a job that would have taken me a month of full-time work.  I have a young family and mum to look after and a demanding job.  On top of that the emotional effort required to sort through a lifetime of family memories and possessions was just too much for me.  Jude and the team came to the rescue.  They were professional, carefully sorted through everything and put aside personal papers and photos together with some other personal items I specifically asked to be kept aside when found.  They even found one of Mum's long lost rings!  On my instructions they donated everything we did not want to charity and even tidied up the yard for us. They made an impossible task possible.  I am truly grateful.
Andrew, Zillmere

"Nextstep Aftercare is a service that supports young 15-21 year olds that have previously been in the foster care system.  These young people have since exited care and are in need of ongoing support with such things such as housing, employment, education, driving lessons, budgeting, clothing, food etc.  It was a huge shock to have Jude Morton and her team provide us with $600.00 worth of Wish cards to provide to these young people in need.

Nextstep has limited funding due to the amount of young people that are out there so to have somebody like Jude from Property Concierge Queensland donate such a large amount of Wish cards is quite remarkable and we cannot thank Jude enough.  Jude has also previously donated household items to our service which we pass on to these young people who normally have very little in their households.  These young people are extremely grateful that people out there are willing to support them and they cannot praise Jude and her team enough.

Property Concierge Queensland you have no idea how significant your donations are to a service like ours and Nextstep Aftercare cannot thank you enough for the generosity and ongoing support.  Our young people are blessed to have caring and thoughtful people like Jude from Property Concierge Queensland, Jude you are one of a kind."  
Andrew M
Nextstep Aftercare Coordinator
(Southwest Queensland)

"Thank you Property Concierge Queensland for your generous donation of furniture for our Crisis Accommodation Programme.  The furniture donated went to four different properties that we offer to young people and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  As we currently had vacant properties with families moving in, this donation enabled us to have homes set up with lovely household items to make the properties feel more like home.  

One of the properties housed a young mother and her son who had been living in their car after leaving a domestic violence relationship interstate.  They were very excited to receive a bed, drawers, side tables and a coffee table.

Another property has just been allocated to two single females who have lost custody of their children and are seeking stability and support to get their lives back on track and reunify with their children.  This unit was set up with TV, coffee table, lamp, dining table, couches, cupboard, bed and linen.

The white-goods have been stored at our Head Office for a vacancy coming up in a few weeks and a couch and stereo were donated to a single father moving out of our supported accommodation into a private rental property on the Sunshine Coast which is our goal.

We really appreciate you thinking of our organisation with these lovely donations.  They have made a wonderful impact on local families and our programme." 

Support Worker
Integrated Family and Youth Service (Maroochydore)

"As a recent client of Property Concierge we can highly recommend their services.  They were extremely prompt with the initial appointment.  They responded with the quote very quickly.  They were professional and compassionate with all interactions, which is obviously very important considering the sensitive and highly emotional nature of our circumstances.  We found their pricing very reasonable and the job was very well done.  

It is comforting to know that furniture etc, is being handed forward to charities, something I know my parents would have been happy with.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  It made the whole process of dealing with my parents house a lot less painless (emotionally and physically).  Thank you Property Concierge Queensland"
Julie G (Mount Gravatt)

"Thank you Property Concierge Queensland for your recent prompt response to firstly allow us to obtain a quote for the clearing out of my mother-in-law's unit in Miami, Gold Coast. Given the distribution of the family between Brisbane and Tasmania, to undertake the task ourselves would have imposed a huge time and financial cost.               

Your attendance on the weekend demonstrated that despite this being a relatively small job, you were prepared to make an effort to meet with us and provide us with sound advice.  The quote was excellent and response after we accepted the quote again was unbelievable with the job completed in a very timely manner to a high standard.  As we process everything in the difficult phase after my mother-in-law's passing, the services of Property Concierge Queensland made one aspect of the process so much easier.  

Thank you very much Jude and your team for your assistance, your professionalism and compassion. It will always be greatly appreciated by our family.  

With regards Phil (Hobart, Tasmania) 

"My family and I wish to thank you and your amazing team for the invaluable service you provided us after the passing of our Mother.  Mum had 51 years of hoarding, her memories packed into her home and your team come in and respectfully cleared it out for us, then came in and cleaned thd home ready for sale.

You sorted out her things and gave it to those who need it most, Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens, Fire Victims starting again, young families needing a hand etc.

Even in death, Mum is continuing to help those in need.  Jude, we thank you and your team for being reliable, honest, compassionate and caring.  As a family, we would have had an emotional attachment to everything, knowing we needed to let go, but not willing to.  You released us from that pain and made the clean up so much easier.  We booked a time and you were there on time; you found treasures and bought them to us to keep or throw; you considered our feelings and input on where we would like Mum's things to go and had some great ideas as well.

Then a cleaning team came in to clean the house ready for sale.  They took longer than quoted and the first day the work wasn't complete.  You came and inspected the work done and was not happy with the end results.  So the cleaning team came back and did an amazing job.  

We highly recommend Property Concierge Queensland to those in a similar situation, to help them through a very difficult time, in clearing out your love ones home and clean the house ready for sale.  We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us, it was money well spent."

Susan H (Beenleigh)

"As a recent client I am more than happy to endorse the services offered by Property Concierge Queensland.  This team did fantastically well clearing out my mother's house over Xmas/New Year. A bit of background is necessary, in that my father unexpectedly passed away in 2013, and mum really needed full-time care, but was adamant about living at home. Of course, we looked at all options, but my mum was absolutely certain she could live on her own.
"After increasingly worrisome care issues, we got mum into a place that she actually likes, and because you now basically have to sell the ranch, Property Concierge Queensland did a splendid job, and they cleaned out mums house in a couple of days.
"Seriously, it would have taken months or more for the three siblings to do so, and to do all of this (clean-out and reporting) just before Xmas was awesome.  Additionally, Property Concierge Queensland's fee was quite reasonable (as far as we were concerned).
"The Property Concierge Queensland team bent over backwards to ensure that we were happy with the result, and with their attention to detail, I give them 5 paws up!
N. Lyons (Aspley)

"Thank you Property Concierge Queensland for your services clearing out our relatives room at the Retirement Village recently, especially given the time of the year.  Property Concierge Queensland were prompt, efficient and courteous to deal with, not to mention value for money.  It is especially comforting to know that the items removed were donated to worthy charities and community projects."

 Ian L (Jindalee)

"I am only too pleased to recommend Property Concierge Queensland.  I had the unpleasant task of preparing my deceased father's and mothers home for rental.  This task was made even more difficult in that I live interstate.  My sister and brother required that I obtained 3 quotes of which Property Concierge Queensland was one.  Jude Morton met me at the property on time and gave great suggestions while inspecting the property.  A quote was sent to me the same day with her suggestions in writing.  In the meantime I received a follow up email to see whether her quote was favourable.  I had not made a decision as I was waiting for the other quotes to come in but was very impressed by her professionalism and manner.  As we had moved some internal items from the house, Jude came back and re-quoted without any question.  I then decided to go with Property Concierge Queensland as they offered a better service as well as the quote being very competitive.  Jude Morton kept in contact with me even though she had to go overseas while the job was being completed.  Since that time I have continued to use Jude Morton to co-ordinate other services and she has been able to provide the right contacts so I can complete the preparation of the house for rental, at the lowest possible price and at the same time, get good quality work.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and commitment from Property Concierge Queensland at what many may say is a relatively small job in clearing and cleaning a property for sale, therefore it is without hesitation I would recommend Property Concierge Queensland if you are looking at getting your property prepared for the market." 

John Klose JP (Commissioner for Declarations Qld)

"I have had the pleasure of doing business with Jude Morton on many occasions in the Real Estate field and have found her to be very professional, friendly and wonderful to deal with.  Her vast knowledge of all facets of Property is what sets her aside and makes her a great benchmark for the industry, thank you Jude."

Deborah B (Fortitude Valley)

"We found Jude to be highly proficient in making our house ready for sale within a short timeframe, including tidying internal property prior to professional photos, help store items, reconfigure our furniture and organising detail around the home.  No job was too hard or too small for Jude.  We highly recommend Jude if you need someone to help get your house ready for sale."

Gav & Min (Aspley)

"I recently had the privilege of dealing with Jude Morton in her capacity of a Buyers Agent.  I was very impressed not only by her complete professionalism, integrity, thoughtfulness and knowledge of the Real Estate industry but her manner in which she matched the priorities of her clients requirements expertly and throughly to the property at hand.  Appointments arranged were always on time.  Jude was present at each stage of contract conditions enabling her to provide informed reports to her clients.  Professional, thorough, honest , very efficient, extremely pleasant and polite in her manner.  Jude Morton will offer the best service and results for any buyers looking for a trustworthy Buyers Agent."

Janette S (Bracken Ridge)

"Thank you to your company for getting our property ready for sale.  We were very pleased with the finished home and I'm pleased to say it was a quick sale thanks to all the work that your company did.  Everyone commented on the garden - it looked amazing when you organised it and I agree the trees that we got removed made a huge difference. We will definitely be in touch with you again soon with another project."

Trisha P 

"Thank you for helping us purchase our first investment property.  Jude made everything so easy, told us about the good areas to invest in and was also very conscious of our budget plan.  Because we live out of Queensland, Jude saved us lots of time visiting properties before first recommending them and gave us a short run down on all the properties she visited.  The entire process took less than a week and we are truly happy with our purchase.   We are now in the process of looking for our second investment property with PCQ and look forward to another positive investment."

Alison B (Sydney)

"You kindly supported our move and the transition is appreciated by my wife and I.  We struggled with previous help through lack of our English and you listened to our requirements and negotiated for us with the owner.

 We are so happy with our new home and satisfied with all facilities in our property.  We can say a big thank you for everything you did for us.  The world is small, I believe we will meet again somewhere in Brisbane."

Tomoya T (Indooroopilly)

"I wholeheartedly recommend the excellent and professional service Jude Morton provided us when searching for an investment property in Brisbane.  Jude's services encompass the complete process.  She patiently talked over our requirements and researched suitable properties for us.  Through her professional relationships in the community, Jude arranged a lawyer, a property manager, pest and building inspections and for a depreciation schedule. We were happy with her advice, local knowledge and her expert contacts in helping us make an informed decision.  The quality experience she provided from start to finish was first rate.  It is without hesitation, that we unconditionally recommend her to others with future real estate needs."

Keith B

"Thanks Jude for the great job you did looking after our home and garden while we were away.  Our holiday was great and totally worry free thanks to you.  The service you provide is a real find.  Call you next holiday."

Di A (Bardon)

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