CLEARING Deceased Estates & rooms

Property Concierge Queensland provides a specialised service for families of a deceased relative and help executors, family members, Real Estate Agents and Lawyers in preparing a home for the market in properties located from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.  For us this process is to get the job done to your complete satisfaction and adhere to your requirements.  Our staff are highly trained in clearing and cleaning out your property and work in methodical stages to complete the job.  Our number one objective is to make this process as smooth as possible and save you the stress of organising everything and we undertake services from start to finish to get the property sold or leased on your behalf.

 We can help with:

What we do:

We understand that every situation is different and difficult when dealing with a recent death or moving a relative into a nursing home and that you could still be grieving and just need to be helped along the way when it comes to preparing your property.  Our compassionate and caring staff will work with you what you require us to undertake, time is not an option as we go at your pace and just want you to be completely happy with everything from start to  finish.

         We can clear it, clean it, fix it, style it, maintain it, organise to sell it ... FOR YOU.                                   

What we do with items you no longer require?

We believe in giving back to the community.  Many people would like to give back to the community and our company helps them by ensuring their items are donated to the appropriate facilities that require furniture, clothing or household items.  Over the years we have helped out nursing homes, associations and charities to help those less fortunate and organisations helping youths get set up in the community around Brisbane and Queensland wide.

When sorting through items, any items that are antique or of value that are found when we are clearing are passed on to you directly for you to dispose of how you wish, as well as photos and other items that we believe could be of sentimental value.  Alternatively we are happy to engage a valuer on your behalf to value items that consider items to be of value.  Other items that you no longer require will be supplied to charities that we work closely with.  Right down to pots and pans, knives and spoons, everything is donated to those who we consider will benefit in the community who are very grateful to receive items.  It is the feeling of gratitude of giving and helping those less fortunate when downsizing and de-cluttering with items you no longer need and gives a purpose of helping those within the community who can benefit from the items you no longer require.  

Our company works very different - we do not just come into the home and remove items and take them to the refuse, or local charities - everything is sorted and sent to the right resourceful charity.  Our past clients have been very grateful when we have told them where their items have gone, that their years of collecting household items have all been put to good use and to charities who don't get mentioned much in the news but are extremely grateful.

Property Concierge Queensland go that extra mile ... for a complete service from emptying your property to marketing it for sale - we are here to help you from start to finish to ensure everything is completed when it comes to your property needs.

Property presentation Brisbane - cleaning deceased estates, house make-overs, house pre-sale preparation, organising trades people for property improvements.

Going through personal and precious items can be a painful process when someone has passed away so we help you by removing items from the home, box up items to be sorted at a later date or we can dispose of unwanted items at your request. Letting go of various items can be hard so we help you through this process and support you in any way we can with undergoing this step.

Please note that due to the sadness that has emulated from a death we take our time and respect your wishes during this sad time - all the while understanding that this process is very personal and private to you and your family.  

Please check out our testimonials page from past clients and see what they have said about us to give you a better understanding what we can do and how we can help you with the property in question and assist you with donating to your local community.

Contact us to get one of our team members to contact you regarding this service and we will be happy to come and visit you and talk about what we can do for you.  Let us take away the stress of organising everything for you from start to finish ... 


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